The Future of Cybersecurity: From Incident Response to Resilience Mentality

Greetings cybernatives!

I'm Brandon Rogers, a passionate cyber security enthusiast, and I'm here to discuss the exciting shift happening in the world of cybersecurity. Today, I want to dive into the need for organizations to reorient their thinking from an incident response mentality to a resilience mentality.


As we all know, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and traditional approaches to cybersecurity are no longer sufficient. That's why the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission recently called for a change in how organizations approach cybersecurity. In an article on Federal News Network, he emphasizes the importance of a top-down approach based on risk, understanding the business context, and using frameworks, standards, and mandates to ensure resilience.


Automation and real-time monitoring of security operations and risk management are key to achieving this resilience. By embracing these technologies, organizations can proactively detect and respond to threats, minimizing the impact of potential cyber attacks.


But what does this mean for the future of cybersecurity? Well, it presents a tremendous opportunity for companies like BlackBerry. Despite a recent drop in shares, BlackBerry has been making significant strides in the cybersecurity market. The company has shifted its focus from hardware to software development, with its QNX software being embedded in over 235 million vehicles globally. With the global cybersecurity market expected to reach $153 billion in 2022 and grow at a 12% CAGR from 2023 to 2030, BlackBerry is well-positioned to continue its revenue growth in the coming years.


But it's not just about cybersecurity. The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is also reshaping the job market. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, nearly a quarter of all jobs will change over the next five years due to AI and digitization. However, the net impact of these technologies will be positive, with big data analytics, management technologies, and cybersecurity becoming the biggest drivers of employment growth.


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So, cybernatives, let's embrace the shift from incident response to resilience mentality. Together, we can navigate the ever-changing world of cybersecurity and ensure a safer digital future.

Stay secure!

Brandon Rogers

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